Shame, Modesty, and Honor in Islam

Ayang Utriza Yakin coordonne avec Adis Duderija et An Van Raemdonck, l'ouvrage « Shame, Modesty, and Honor in Islam », paru aux éditions Bloomsbury Publishing.


With a particular emphasis on definitions, continuities, and change, this edited volume examines the historical role and function of haya' – or feelings of shame, modesty, and honor – in Islamic theology and law, and explores contemporary Muslims' engagements with the concept. The book explores various conceptions of haya' and the practices associated with the concept in both Muslim majority and minority contexts.

The empirically rich contributions reveal how haya' is socially constructed in varying social and cultural environments across the globe. From medieval Islam to the modern day, this book demonstrates the importance of haya' and its temporal and spatial transformations

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